Competitive Cheerleading

Our mission is to provide our athletes with proper training and technique to develop the skills necessary to be a competitive cheerleader.

Pride Elite Competitive Cheerleading

Our mission is to provide our athletes with proper training and technique to develop the skills necessary to be a competitive cheerleader. 

Through the classes we will provide, (clinics, cheer dance, and tumble), we feel confident that your athlete will be prepared to be a part of one of our competitive teams.

We strive to instill confidence in our athletes on and off the mat. Through positive motivation and reinforcement, we have encouraged our cheerleaders to set goals, conquer them, and most importantly, win or lose, always strive to be the best version of themselves.

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Teeny Tiny/Tiny

Designed for ages 4-5 and meant for athletes who are either new to or have minimal experience in the Cheer sport.



Mini Team offers athletes from 6-7 years of age with some experience in cheer.



Athletes aged 7-10.  They perform at Rec Star competitions within their age divisions.



Our senior team 11-18yr – Beginners to advanced experience levels 1-3

Skill Training Sessions

These classes are just a few examples of what we have in store to offer. Inquire about discounted trial class offers to help athletes decide if it is meant for them!

Tumbling Lessons

•Private/semi-private tumbling lessons with certified tumbling instructor. Skill Levels 1-3

Base Skills & Strength

Skills & Strength classes which will consist of exercises to develop strengh and technique for stunting.

Cheer Dance Lessons

Packed with energy and fun. Proper body stance, movement & facial expressions.

Jump Drill Classes

Series of either beginner and/or skilled jumps will be taught and practiced to enhance the athletes

Flyer Flight & Stretch

The class consists of stunt stand drills, stunting amongst groups and stretching techniques.

Core Conditioning

Conditioning & Strengthening will be done so that athletes understand the core areas.

Pride Elite is an amazing organization started by 2 of the best coaches my daughter has had! She’s become quite the cheerleader and with their continued guidance, support, and coaching I know she will go far with the sport! 
J. Pancza
My daughter has been cheering with Coach Carolynn and Coach Marylynn for many years and we were so excited when they started Pride Elite! They go above what is expected from any coach. Not only do they teach my daughter the proper techniques and push her to her fullest potential but also to be a respectful, dedicated, and confident athlete...
Kristin C.
Our daughter has cheered for Carolyn and MaryLynn since the very start of their careers and we could not be any happier.  They have played a strong role in our daughters growth from a little girl to a young woman and we will be forever grateful to them for being not just great coaches, but also great mentors...
D. Horn
This year was my daughter Giuliana's first year doing cheer. We knew nothing about the sport but with the guidance of the owner and staff we are a cheer family now! This staff is professional and caring and they are training in what they do. This is truly a gym of champions and I highly recommend Pride Elite to anyone looking for a program where your child will grow athletically and personally.
T. Moody

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If you are interested in joining a Pride Competitive Cheerleading Cheer Team, or are looking for training please contact us!